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covid-19 korea map plum This blog is meant to entertain, guide, and give people interested in traveling the world a glimpse into the many different options that are available to them. It is run by two best friends, Cara and Emerson, who have managed to find out that they can travel together for extended periods of time without wanting to wring each other’s necks (a definitive quality you want in a travel buddy).

Naranjos båstad dejta Cara is a travel agent with over 16 years of experience, while Emerson is the lucky friend who gets to tag along on her treks around the world. We are both professionals in our 30s who have a penchant for wanting to get mixed up in the travel experience and the various culinary options available in the countries we visit. The rule has been that you can’t say “No” while abroad.

Solikamsk top ipad apps We hope that if anything, visitors to this blog will at least walk away with a better understanding of what traveling and eating have to offer those willing to surrender themselves to the experience. The mood is lighthearted, but informative and we hope you enjoy our posts.

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